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Ocracoke, North Carolina

  •   State: 
    North Carolina
    Hyde County
      County FIPS: 
    35°6′46″N 75°58′33″W
      Area total: 
    9.62 sq mi (24.91 km²)
      Area land: 
    8.60 sq mi (22.27 km²)
      Area water: 
    1.02 sq mi (2.64 km²)
    3 ft (1 m)
  •   Latitude: 
    Eastern Standard Time (EST) UTC-5:00; Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) UTC-4:00
      ZIP codes: 

    Ocracoke, Hyde County, North Carolina, United States

  •   Population: 
      Population density: 
    92.69 residents per square mile of area (35.79/km²)
      Household income: 
      Unemployment rate: 
  •   Sales taxes: 
      Income taxes: 

Ocracoke is a census-designated place (CDP) and unincorporated town in Hyde County, North Carolina, United States. The population was 948 as of the 2010 census. In the 2020 census, the population had dropped to 797 people. The economy of the island is driven by tourism and commercial fishing. A unique dialect of English, known colloquially as the Hoi Toider accent, is spoken in OCracoke. It was a favorite anchorage of Edward Teach, better known as the pirate Blackbeard, who was killed on the island in 1718. The island was the site of a Confederate fort during the U.S. Civil War as well as several naval battles that occurred off the coast during World War II. Major hurricanes struck the island during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. Ocracke continues to suffer frequent storm damage, including the recent Hurricane Dorian in 2019, which destroyed approximately 1,000 feet (300 m) of pavement along NC 12. The O Cracoke Historic District and Salter-Battle Hunting and Fishing Lodge are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. At one point, nearly 500 Confederate troops were stationed in and around OcrACoke. The Confederates abandoned and partially destroyed the fort and abandoned the Beacon and Beacon buildings on OcrAcoke Inlet, two miles to the west-southwest of the town of Ocrcroke, and around one point to the east-northeast.


The Outer Banks area was occasionally visited by Algonquian-speaking Indians but was never permanently settled. Ocracoke was called Wokokkon and was used as a subsistence hunting and fishing ground for the Hatterask Indians, a Croatoan people. It was a favorite anchorage of Edward Teach, better known as the pirate Blackbeard, who was killed on the island in a fierce battle with troops from Virginia on November 22, 1718. The state assembly established Pilot Town in 1715. The island was home to a number of especially skilled schooner pilots who could get smaller ships through the inlet to Pamlico Sound. Fort OcrACoke was a Confederate fortification constructed at the beginning of the American Civil War. The Confederates abandoned and partially destroyed the fort in August 1861 after Union victories on nearby Hatteras Island. The remnants of Fort O Cracoke were relocated and identified in 1998 by the Surface Interval Diving Company. OCracoke is one of 11 communities (along with nearby Nags Head, North Carolina) chosen by the United States Department of Energy to participate in the Energy Transitions Initiative Partnership Project, a program to provide federal aid for remote communities to modernize their electric infrastructure and resiliency through natural disasters. An electrified ferry fleet would increase hurricane evacuation access and decrease reliance on fossil fuels. An An electric ferries fleet would also increase ferry evacuation access to the Outer Banks in the event of a major hurricane.


Ocracoke is one of the most remote islands in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The island is home to a British cemetery. During World War II, German submarines sank several British ships, including HMT Bedfordshire, and the bodies of British sailors were washed ashore. A memorial ceremony is held each year in May for the British sailors who were killed on the island. The village is located at 35°646N 75°5833W (35.112687, -75.975895). The United States Census Bureau counts the entire island as a census-designated place (CDP), with a total area of 9.6 square miles (24.9 km²) of the area is land, and 1.0 square mile (2.6 km²), or 10.58% is water. The average height of the island is less than five feet (1.5 m) above sea level, and many of the buildings are built on pilings to lift them off the ground. Flooding is a risk during both hurricanes and large storms. The entire island is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, and can only be reached by one of three public ferries (two of which are toll ferries), private boat, or private plane. The modern "Hatteras Inlet" that separates the two islands was formed on September 7, 1846 by a violent gale. This massive storm, known in Cuba as 1846 Havana hurricane and along the East Coast of the United States as the Great Gale of 1846, was the same storm that opened Oregon Inlet.


Ocracoke has a humid subtropical climate (Cfa) with hot, humid summers and cool, windy winters. Precipitation is plentiful year round and peaks during the months of August and September. The highest daily snowfall recorded was 9 in (23 cm) and happened on January 24, 2003. The water temperature averages 81.7 °F (27.6 °C) in August to 53.4°F (11.9 °F) in February, though due to the island's proximity to Cape Hatteras, water temperatures commonly fluctuate year round. The ocean is usually comfortable for swimming from late May into early October. The first and last average dates for a freeze are December 21 and March 3, giving Ocracke an average growing season of 293 days. The record high and low are 99 °f (37 °C), and occurred, respectively, on the dates August 18 and 22, 1975 and February 20, 2015. The lowest maximum temperature recorded was 22 °F and occurred on February20, 2015, with the highest minimum temperature recorded on July 2, 1973, at 84 °F  (29 °C). The average first. and last dates for the hot 80 °F [27 °C] temperature are May 9 and October 16, and usually is never above 85 °F or below 50 °F, though the water temperature is often above 50 °C (10°C) due to its proximity to the warm Gulf Stream.

Transportation and public services

A single paved two-lane road, NC 12, runs from the village at the southwestern end of the island to the ferry dock at the northeastern tip. Ocracoke Island Airport (FAA Identifier W95) is located slightly southeast of the village, allowing small aircraft to land. The island is frequently in the path of tropical cyclones, notably Hurricane Dorian in 2019, which destroyed approximately 1,000 feet (300 m) of pavement along NC 12. This is possibly a consideration against building a bridge to this island.Hyde County maintains the OCracoke Volunteer Fire Department located on Highway 12. The lengthy travel time means that "Ocracokers have had little interaction with the rest of Hyde County", according to David S. Cecelski, author of Along Freedom Road: Hyde County, North Carolina, and the Fate of Black Schools in the South. A passenger ferry operates across O Cracoke Inlet to the deserted village of Portsmouth, at the northern end ofThe Core Banks. A one-hour-long free ferry connects to Hatteras Island. The second ferry dock, located in the village has toll connections to Swans Quarter, on the mainland and Cedar Island, near Atlantic. The ferry dock also connects to the island's only airport, which is located near the northern tip of O Craskey Inlet. The village is located on the North Carolina mainland and has a population of about 2,000 people. It is the only place in North Carolina that is accessible by ferry.


The economy of Ocracoke Island is based almost entirely on tourism. During the winter, the population shrinks and only a few businesses remain open. The island's only main employers are construction, the NC Department of Transportation, and the businesses that support the small population. Many islanders use the winter as time off, since they tend to work between 60 and 80 hours a week during the tourist season. The world record 13-pound (5.9 kg) Spanish mackerel was caught on a boat owned by Woody Outlaw off OCracoke on November 4, 1987. The fish that set this world record exceeded the previous record by almost 20%. The island has easy access to Pamlico Sound, the Atlantic coast and the Gulf Stream, and offers various fishing opportunities, from small Sound fish to tuna and drum. Visitors can find many shops that feature local, handmade goods, as well as imported artisanal goods and rare antiques, unusual for such a small island. In the spring, summer, and early fall, an influx of tourists occupies hotels, campgrounds and weekly rental housesand day visitors arrive by ferry from Hatteras Island. Several bars, a brewery, dozens of restaurants, and many shops, stores and other tourist-based businesses open for the touristSeason. The only business that remains open in the winter is construction, and it's only there that the island's economy is stable. The town has a population of about 2,000. It is located in the central part of the state.

Local dialect

Ocracoke Island and other parts of the Outer Banks historically have a distinct dialect of English, often referred to as a brogue. The dialect is known as the High Tider dialect, after the characteristic phrase "high tide" (often pronounced "hoi toide") Due to the influx of tourists and greater contact with the mainland in recent years, the brogue has been increasingly influenced by outside dialects.


As of the 2020 U.S. census, there were 797 people, 317 households, and 225 families residing in the CDP. As of 2010, the racial makeup was 96.2% White, 1.6% African American, 0.4% Native American, and 0. 2% Asian. The average household size was 2.08, and the median income for a household was $38,750. The per capita income was $18,032. About 7.7% of families and 9.3% of the population were below the poverty line, including 13.8% of those under age 18 and 10.4%) in 2010. The median age was 46 years, with 13.0% under the age of 18, and 17.9% who were 65 years of age or older. For every 100 females,there were 96. 2 males. For each 100 females age 18 or over, there are 89.0 males. The population density as of 2000 was 80.4 people per square mile (31.1/km²). In 2000, there Were 784 housing units at an average density of 82.0/sq mi (31-7/ km²) in 2000. The CDP has a population of 948, and as of 2010 there were 370 households, out of which 17. 6% had children under the ages of 18 living with them, 46. 8% were married couples living together, and 40.8%. The average family size was2.55.


Ocracoke School (K-12) is part of the Hyde County Schools, with a student population of 186 as of 2019. BHM Regional Library operates a library branch within the Ocracke School and Community Library. The island has a population of about 2,000 people. It is located in the Outer Hebrides, on the Outer Banks of the North Carolina Outer Banks, and is located on the coast of North Carolina's Outer Banks. The population of the island is around 2,200 people, with about 1,000 of them living in the town of OCracoke. The town is home to the BHM regional library, which has a branch in the O Cracoke school and community library. It also has a satellite branch in Raleigh, North Carolina, that serves the city of Raleigh and its surrounding areas. The O cracoke island community is known for its love of music, particularly country music and country music. It has a history of being involved in the Civil War, and the Battle of the Bulge, which took place in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was also the site of the first U.S. Civil Rights Movement, which began in the early 20th century. The U.N. Children's Rights Act of 1973 protects the rights of children in the United States, and was passed by Congress in 1973. The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the right of the people to vote on issues such as equal rights for women and the right to vote.


Ocracoke is home to one radio station, WOVV. The town has an annual fig festival that includes a fig cake contest. The Ocracke Observer newspaper provides coverage of local and regional events. The Observer website is updated daily and a monthly print edition is produced March through December. The studios of WOVv, branded as "OCracoke Community Radio", are located on Back Road in OcrACoke. The station is known as "The Community Radio Station" for its community-oriented programming. It airs on weekdays from 8 to 11 a.m. ET and on weekends from 9 to 10 a. m. ET. It is the only station of its kind in the state of North Carolina.

Air Quality, Water Quality, Superfund Sites & UV Index

The Air Quality index is in Ocracoke, Hyde County, North Carolina = 97. These Air Quality index is based on annual reports from the EPA. Higher values are better (100=best). The number of ozone alert days is used as an indicator of air quality, as are the amounts of seven pollutants including particulates, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, and volatile organic chemicals. The Water Quality Index is 90. A measure of the quality of an area’s water supply as rated by the EPA. Higher values are better (100=best). The EPA has a complex method of measuring the watershed quality, using 15 indicators such as pollutants, turbidity, sediments, and toxic discharges. The Superfund Sites Index is 98. Higher is better (100=best). Based upon the number and impact of EPA Superfund pollution sites in the county, including spending on the cleanup efforts. The UV Index in Ocracoke = 4.5 and is a measure of an area's exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. This is most often a combination of sunny weather, altitude, and latitude. The UV Index has been defined by the WHO ( and is uniform worldwide.


The most recent city population of 34,866 individuals with a median age of 49.9 age the population grows by 21.85% in Ocracoke, Hyde County, North Carolina population since 2000 and are distributed over a density of 92.69 residents per square mile of area (35.79/km²). There are average 2.01 people per household in the 467 households with an average household income of $43,984 a year. The unemployment rate in Alabama is 6.10% of the available work force and has growths 4.08% over the most recent 12-month period and the projected change in job supply over the next decade based on migration patterns, economic growth, and other factors will increase by 42.06%. The number of physicians in Ocracoke per 100,000 population = 55.8.


The annual rainfall in Ocracoke = 53.7 inches and the annual snowfall = 1 inches. The annual number of days with measurable precipitation (over .01 inch) = 107. The average number of days per year that are predominantly sunny = 210. 86 degrees Fahrenheit is the average daily high temperature for the month of July and 37.2 degrees Fahrenheit is the average daily low temperature for the month of January. The Comfort Index (higher=better) is 33, where higher values mean a more pleasant climate. The Comfort Index measure recognizes that humidity by itself isn't the problem. (Have you noticed nobody ever complains about the weather being 'cold and humid?) It's in the summertime that we notice the humidity the most, when it's hot and muggy. Our Comfort Index uses a combination of afternoon summer temperature and humidity to closely predict the effect that the humidity will have on people.

Median Home Cost

The percentage of housing units in Ocracoke, Hyde County, North Carolina which are owned by the occupant = 33.24%. A housing unit is a house, apartment, mobile home, or room occupied as separate living quarters. The average age of homes = 16 years with median home cost = $199,680 and home appreciation of -2.11%. This is the value of the years most recent home sales data. Its important to note that this is not the average (or arithmetic mean). The median home price is the middle value when you arrange all the sales prices of homes from lowest to highest. This is a better indicator than the average, because the median is not changed as much by a few unusually high or low values. The property tax rate of $7.45 shown here is the rate per $1,000 of home value. If for simplification for example the tax rate is $14.00 and the home value is $250,000, the property tax would be $14.00 x ($250,000/1000), or $3500. This is the 'effective' tax rate.


The local school district spends $7,995 per student. There are 9.6 students for each teacher in the school, 664 students for each Librarian and 332 students for each Counselor. 5.81% of the area’s population over the age of 25 with an Associate Degree or other 2-year college degree, 22.19% with a master’s degree, Ph.D. or other advanced college degree and 3.57% with high school diplomas or high school equivalency degrees (GEDs).

  • Ocracoke's population in Hyde County, North Carolina of 1,367 residents in 1900 has increased 25,51-fold to 34,866 residents after 120 years, according to the official 2020 census.

    Approximately 50.16% female residents and 49.84% male residents live in Ocracoke, Hyde County, North Carolina.

    As of 2020 in Ocracoke, Hyde County, North Carolina are married and the remaining 33.33% are single population.

  • 16.2 minutes is the average time that residents in Ocracoke require for a one-way commute to work. A long commute can have different effects on health. A Gallup poll in the US found that in terms of mental health, long haul commuters are up to 12 percent more likely to experience worry, and ten percent less likely to feel well rested. The Gallup poll also found that of people who commute 61­–90 minutes each day, a whopping one third complained of neck and back pain, compared to less than a quarter of people who only spend ten minutes getting to work.

    68.21% of the working population which commute to work alone in their car, 5.34% of the working population which commutes to work in a carpool and 7.66% of the population that has their home as their principal place of work.

  • Of the total residential buildings in Ocracoke, Hyde County, North Carolina, 33.24% are owner-occupied homes, another 9.06% are rented apartments, and the remaining 57.70% are vacant.

  • The 30.42% of the population in Ocracoke, Hyde County, North Carolina who identify themselves as belonging to a religion are distributed among the following most diverse religions.

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